Concrete Floor Polishing 

A little about polished concrete...

Polishing is rapidly becoming the favorite choice for finishing concrete floors due to its attractive appearance, high reflectivity, and low maintenance. Concrete floors can be polished from a satin sheen to a high gloss, they can be dyed an array of colors, and are extremely scratch resistant.

Polished concrete requires only routine cleaning and will last many years with little maintenance. Polishing is the most cost effective solution for your concrete floors, and Decorative Concrete Work Inc. is your concrete polishing specialist.

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We specialized in:

  • Concrete polishing
  • Application of concrete dye or stain
  • Removal of tile, carpet, and linoleum
  • Removal of glue, mastic, and other adhesives
  • Removal of floor coatings such as epoxies, paint, and urethane sealers
  • Floor grinding and leveling
  • Application of epoxy and other sealers
  • Clean out and filling of expansion joint or cracks
  • Polished concrete floor maintenance

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Terrazzo Installation 

Terrazzo Polishing

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